Entirely Inhouse Developed in R&d Lab
Frquency UI Rate
Hz=49.94 2.82
2/16/2019 7:29:55 AM
07:24 Feb 16 Central East West Total
Schedule 2985 2360 4081 5069
Drawal 3303 2431 3824 4867
O/U Drawal 318 71 -257 -202
GENERATION IN MW at 07:24 Feb 16--> ATPS=215, STPS=838, SGTPS=1032, HYDEL=316, THERMAL=3292, TOTAL=3608
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% EMS Forcast Deviation with SLDC Drawal
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SCADA FREQUENCY = 49.94 Hz 2/16/2019 7:29:55 AM Refresh rate 5 Second
234 (25%) 33KV Feeder have

S/S NameFeeder NameDateTimePF
220KV MAHALGAON132KV TRACTION-I&II16 Feb 1907:26:27-0.99
220KV MAHALGAON33KV AIR FORCE16 Feb 1907:26:21-0.99
220KV MAHALGAON33KV DARPAN COLONY-II16 Feb 1907:26:150.52
132KV MOTIJHEEL33KV MORAR16 Feb 1907:32:180
132kV MOTIJHEEL33KV WATER WORKS16 Feb 1907:32:240.86
220kV SABALGARH33KV MANGROL16 Feb 1907:33:54-0.69
132KV MORENA33KV INDUSTRIAL16 Feb 1907:26:19-1
132kV MORENA33KV INDUSTRIAL(JADERUA)16 Feb 1907:26:21-1
132KV MORENA33KV KS OIL MILL16 Feb 1907:26:18-1
132KV BANMORE132KV J.K.INDUSTRIES16 Feb 1907:26:18-1
132KV BANMORE132KV MORENA-I16 Feb 1907:26:190.19
132KV BANMORE132KV MORENA-II16 Feb 1907:26:200.23
220KV MEHGAON33KV GOHAD16 Feb 1907:32:17-0.02
132KV BHIND33KV ETAWA ROAD16 Feb 1907:32:18-0.7
132KV BHIND33KV ITI RURAL16 Feb 1907:32:18-0.81
132KV BHIND33KV PHOOP16 Feb 1907:32:170.85
132KV DATIA33KV INDUSTRIAL16 Feb 1907:31:14-0.96
220KV MALANPUR33KV FEEDER-I16 Feb 1907:26:13-0.22
220KV MALANPUR33KV FEEDER-IV16 Feb 1907:26:160.89
220KV MALANPUR33KV FEEDER-V16 Feb 1907:26:17-1
220KV GUNA132KV GAIL16 Feb 1907:32:20-1
220KV GUNA33KV BHADORA16 Feb 1907:32:180.89
220KV GUNA33KV GARHA16 Feb 1907:32:130.85
220KV GUNA33KV GUNA16 Feb 1907:32:17-1
220KV GUNA33KV HARIPUR16 Feb 1907:32:120.89
220KV GUNA33KV K.S.OIL16 Feb 1907:32:120.82
220kV GUNA33KV KUSMODA16 Feb 1907:32:210.89
220KV GUNA33KV MURADPUR16 Feb 1907:32:140.82
220KV GUNA33KV UMRI16 Feb 1907:32:160.82
220kV ASHOKNAGAR33KV KHAJURIYAKALA16 Feb 1907:31:200.85
220kV ASHOKNAGAR33kV MAHIDPUR16 Feb 1907:31:170.82
220kV ASHOKNAGAR33KV SEMRAHAT16 Feb 1907:31:190.81
220kV ASHOKNAGAR33kV TUMEN16 Feb 1907:31:160.87
132KV PICHHORE132KV BASAI TRACTION-I&II16 Feb 1907:33:16-0.96
132KV SHIVPURI33KV BHAGORA13 Feb 1917:23:280.83
132KV SHIVPURI33KV FOOD PARK16 Feb 1907:29:380.76
132KV SHEOPUR33KV BAGDUWA16 Feb 1907:28:190.7
132KV SHEOPUR33KV BARODA16 Feb 1907:28:150.71
132KV SHEOPUR33KV BHOGIKA16 Feb 1907:28:230.77
132KV SHEOPUR33KV DHONTI16 Feb 1907:28:140.66
132KV SHEOPUR33KV JAIDA16 Feb 1907:28:130.86
132KV SHEOPUR33KV JANPURA16 Feb 1907:28:130.81
132KV SHEOPUR33KV KALARNA16 Feb 1907:28:230.8
132KV SHEOPUR33KV PANDOLA16 Feb 1907:28:210.74
132KV SHEOPUR33KV SOINKALAN16 Feb 1907:28:200.87
132KV RAGHOGARH33KV IOCL16 Feb 1907:31:12-1
132KV RAGHOGARH33KV RUTHIYAI16 Feb 1907:31:140.87
132KV KARERA33kV DINARA16 Feb 1907:30:12-0.2
220KV SHIVPURI233KV BHESANA16 Feb 1907:33:410.88
220KV SHIVPURI233KV NOHARI16 Feb 1907:33:420.87
132KV Lalghati33KV BADA BAAG16 Feb 1907:29:21-1
132KV Lalghati33KV KHAJURI SADAK16 Feb 1907:29:200.04
132KV KURAWAR33KV KHARDONKALAN16 Feb 1907:30:160.88
132KV KURAWAR33KV KHOKRAKALAN16 Feb 1907:30:200.79
132KV KURAWAR33KV KOTRA16 Feb 1907:30:170.85
132KV KURAWAR33KV LAPP INDIA16 Feb 1907:30:160.2
132KV BIAORA33KV DOODHI16 Feb 1907:33:180.88
132KV BIAORA33KV INDUSTRIAL16 Feb 1907:33:19-0.97
132KV Khilchipur33kV BIORAKALA16 Feb 1907:27:130.86
132KV Khilchipur33kV LAKHONI16 Feb 1907:27:150.88
132KV SARANGPUR33KV MANGLAJ16 Feb 1907:29:180.87
132KV SEHORE132KV TRACTION16 Feb 1907:30:17-0.67
132KV SEHORE33KV DEEPAK FASTNER16 Feb 1907:30:19-1
132kV SEHORE33KV THOONA16 Feb 1907:30:180.87
132kV ASHTA33KV LASUDIYA VIJAYSINGH16 Feb 1907:33:170.23
220KV BAIRAGARH33KV AKVN-II16 Feb 1907:31:20-0.45
220kV BAIRAGARH33KV NTRO16 Feb 1907:31:21-0.31
220KV Bairagarh33KV PARWALIA16 Feb 1907:31:130.89
220KV Bairagarh33KV RAKSHAVIHAR16 Feb 1907:31:130.85
220KV Bairagarh33KV TARA SEWANIA16 Feb 1907:31:140.89
132KV MACT33KV B/C16 Feb 1907:29:180.88
132KV MACT33KV KOTRA-I16 Feb 1907:29:13-1
132KV Berasia33kV RAMGADA16 Feb 1907:32:130.89
132KV Raisen33KV BARLA16 Feb 1907:32:130.83
132KV Raisen33KV GAIRATGANJ16 Feb 1907:32:15-0.97
132KV RAISEN33KV NAKTARA16 Feb 1907:32:170.87
132KV Raisen33KV NEEMKHEDA16 Feb 1907:32:140.89
132KV Raisen33KV PAGNESHWAR16 Feb 1907:32:14-0.17
132KV Raisen33KV PEMAD16 Feb 1907:32:130.85
132KV Bareli33KV GURARIYA16 Feb 1907:28:150.84
132KV Bareli33KV HARSILY16 Feb 1907:28:130.83
132KV BARELI33KV THALA DIGHAWAN16 Feb 1907:28:180.82
132KV Sironj33KV BHORIYA16 Feb 1907:31:140.84
132KV Sironj33KV CHHAPU16 Feb 1907:31:150.86
220kV GANJBASODA33KV KANJANA PATHAR16 Feb 1907:35:150.88
132KV PACHORE33KV BODA16 Feb 1907:21:220.87
132KV PACHORE33KV KARANWAS16 Feb 1907:21:230.88
132KV PACHORE33KV PIPLIYA RASODA16 Feb 1907:21:220.84
132KV PACHORE33KV TALEN16 Feb 1907:21:210.86
132KV NASRULLAGANJ33KV NEELKANTH16 Feb 1907:28:140.87
220KV Itarsi33KV AKVN16 Feb 1907:36:22-1
220KV Itarsi33kV PATHROTA16 Feb 1907:36:130.89
220KV Itarsi33KV PGCIL-I16 Feb 1907:36:170.78
220KV Itarsi33kV PROPLENE - I16 Feb 1907:36:200.03
220KV Itarsi33kV RAILWAY16 Feb 1907:36:14-1
220KV Itarsi33kV SPM16 Feb 1907:36:170.88
220KV Itarsi33kV TAKU16 Feb 1907:36:16-0.93
220KV SARNI132KV TRACTION I16 Feb 1907:26:16-0.32
220KV SARNI132KV TRACTION II16 Feb 1907:26:170.84
132KV HARDA132KV HARDA TRACTION16 Feb 1907:30:200.62
132KV HARDA132KV KHIRKIYA TRACTION16 Feb 1907:30:19-0.35
132KV HARDA33kV KANKARIA16 Feb 1907:30:140.85
132KV HARDA33KV KARTANA16 Feb 1907:30:170.81
132KV BETUL132KV TRACTION-I&II16 Feb 1907:31:18-0.99
132KV BETUL33KV BHADUS16 Feb 1907:31:150.88
220KV HOSHANGABAD132KV RLY TXN16 Feb 1907:31:17-0.86
220KV HOSHANGABAD132KV VARDHMAN16 Feb 1907:31:19-0.99
220KV HOSHANGABAD33KV DOLARIYA16 Feb 1907:31:120.89
132KV Piparia33KV HT CONSUMER16 Feb 1907:31:230.64
132kV MULTAI132KV TRACTION I&II16 Feb 1907:30:18-0.06
132KV SeoniMalwa33KV DHARAMKUNDI16 Feb 1907:30:130.73
132KV SeoniMalwa33KV SURAJPUR16 Feb 1907:30:120.83
220KV BHOPAL132KV BERASIA16 Feb 1907:26:21-0.99
220KV BHOPAL132KV STDS16 Feb 1907:26:21-0.01
220KV BHOPAL33KV BHOPAL-I16 Feb 1907:26:16-1
220KV BHOPAL33KV SPARE-I16 Feb 1907:26:17-0.99
132KV CHAMBAL33KV D B MALL16 Feb 1907:33:17-1
132KV CHAMBAL33KV I.S.B.T.16 Feb 1907:33:16-1
132KV CHAMBAL33KV INDUSTRIAL-I16 Feb 1907:33:17-0.52
132KV CHAMBAL33KV KEELANDEV16 Feb 1907:33:26-1
132KV AYODHYA NGR33KV BMC/BUS COUPLER16 Feb 1907:32:12-0.34
132KV AYODHYA NGR33KV DGP16 Feb 1907:32:16-0.87
132KV AYODHYA NGR33KV ISTRAC16 Feb 1907:32:14-0.95
132KV AYODHYA NGR33KV NARMADA BAY16 Feb 1907:32:120
132kV AYODHYA NGR33KV TIRUPATI16 Feb 1907:32:16-0.34
132KV Jeerapur33KV JAITPURA16 Feb 1907:31:120.82
132KV Jeerapur33KV MACHALPUR16 Feb 1907:31:130.88
132KV ROUN33KV NAYAGAON16 Feb 1907:27:120.86
132KV BHONRA33KV BAMORI16 Feb 1907:28:130.88
132KV BHONRA33KV BHONRA16 Feb 1907:28:140.78
132KV BHONRA33KV COLONY16 Feb 1907:28:150.72
132kV BHONRA33KV FATEHGARH16 Feb 1907:28:170.85
132KV BHONRA33KV GADLA16 Feb 1907:28:120.84
132KV BHONRA33KV KALORA16 Feb 1907:28:130.77
132KV BHONRA33KV KAPASI16 Feb 1907:28:150.86
132KV BHONRA33KV PARANTH16 Feb 1907:28:120.89
132KV ARON33KV ANANDPUR16 Feb 1907:34:140.83
132KV Aron33kV ARON16 Feb 1907:34:120.89
132kV ARON33KV BARKHEDA16 Feb 1907:34:150.82
132KV ARON33KV BAROD16 Feb 1907:34:140.8
132KV Aron33KV RAMPUR16 Feb 1907:34:130.83
132KV PORSA33KV DONDRI16 Feb 1907:25:140.89
132KV PORSA33KV KHEDLI16 Feb 1907:25:150.89
132KV MAKSUDANGARH33KV PIPALKHEDI16 Feb 1907:25:140.89
132KV MAKSUDANGARH33KV TELIGAON16 Feb 1907:25:130.85
132KV Gairatganj33KV GAIRATGANJ15 Feb 1921:28:12-1
220KV RAJGARH233KV ADORA16 Feb 1907:28:17-0.98
220KV RAJGARH233KV JSR16 Feb 1907:28:18-0.98
220KV RAJGARH233KV KAREDI16 Feb 1907:28:120.79
220KV RAJGARH233KV PIPLODI16 Feb 1907:28:130.88
220KV RAJGARH233KV SHIV-VANI16 Feb 1907:28:16-0.93
220KV RAJGARH233KV WATER WORKS(A.I.R.)16 Feb 1907:28:13-1
220KV MANDIDEEP2132KV H-BAD TRACTION-I16 Feb 1907:32:210.85
220KV MANDIDEEP2132KV H-BAD TRACTION-II16 Feb 1907:32:220.81
220KV MANDIDEEP233KV RELIANCE16 Feb 1907:32:14-0.98
220KV PIPARIA233KV MAHALANWARA16 Feb 1907:27:16-0.03
220KV PIPARIA233KV PIPARPANI16 Feb 1907:27:150.89
132KV Chanderi33KV BAMORE16 Feb 1907:30:130.84
132KV Chanderi33KV RAJGHAT16 Feb 1907:30:12-0.42
132KV SHYAMPUR33KV SHYAMPUR16 Feb 1907:31:14-1
220KV ASHTA2132KV SEL16 Feb 1907:28:18-0.98
220KV ASHTA233KV SEWADA16 Feb 1907:28:130.89
132KV KOLARAS33KV CHANDORIYA16 Feb 1907:28:150.86
132KV KOLARAS33KV KOLARAS16 Feb 1907:28:170.89
132KV KOLARAS33KV RAI16 Feb 1907:28:140.86
132KV ICHHAWAR33KV ICHHAWAR-II16 Feb 1907:20:150.89
220KV BETUL233KV JUNAWANI16 Feb 1907:26:220.89
132kV AMRAWATKHURD33KV C-2116 Feb 1907:09:15-0.63
132KV CHICHOLI33KV CHICHOLI16 Feb 1907:25:13-1
132KV BANKHEDI33KV ISHERPUR16 Feb 1907:28:13-1
132KV BANKHEDI33KV KARPA16 Feb 1907:28:130.85
132KV BANKHEDI33KV OLD BANKHEDI16 Feb 1907:28:140.83
132KV BANKHEDI33KV PANAGAR16 Feb 1907:28:140.78
132KV SULTANPUR33KV MUHALKALA16 Feb 1907:25:160.85
132KV GOPALPUR33KV AE PHE16 Feb 1907:29:15-0.07
132KV GOPALPUR33KV GOPALPUR16 Feb 1907:29:12-0.98
132KV SHAHGANJ33KV DIGWAD16 Feb 1907:33:130.88
132KV SHAHGANJ33KV NANDNER16 Feb 1907:33:140.83
132KV SHAHGANJ33KV SHAHGANJ16 Feb 1907:33:13-0.99
132KV SEMRIHARCHAND33KV BABAI16 Feb 1907:29:15-0.96
132KV SEMRIHARCHAND33KV BAGRA16 Feb 1907:29:150.86
132KV SEMRIHARCHAND33KV M.A.F.16 Feb 1907:29:140.86
132KV SEMRIHARCHAND33KV MOHASA-I16 Feb 1907:29:18-0.87
132KV SEMRIHARCHAND33KV RAMNAGAR16 Feb 1907:29:170.82
132KV MOHANA33KV SAHASRAM16 Feb 1907:23:130.86
132KV KHIRKIYA33KV KILLOD16 Feb 1907:32:180.89
132KV KHIRKIYA33KV TEMLAWADI16 Feb 1907:32:140.64
132KV AMLA33KV JAMBADA16 Feb 1907:31:130.88
132KV AMLA33KV JAMDEHI16 Feb 1907:31:140.87
132kV BARODA33KV LALITPURA16 Feb 1907:29:200.81
132kV BARODA33KV PANDOLA16 Feb 1907:29:180.85
132kV BARODA33KV SALMANYA16 Feb 1907:29:170.74
132kV RUNAHA33KV NAYSAMAND16 Feb 1907:28:15-0.97
132kV RUNAHA33KV RUNAHA16 Feb 1907:28:140.86
220kV GWALIOR233KV DIG NAYAGAON16 Feb 1907:29:12-0.99
132kV DIMNI33KV DIMNI16 Feb 1907:29:130.89
132kV GOHAD33KV CHITORA16 Feb 1907:29:200.84
132kV HASTINAPUR33KV DABKA16 Feb 1907:33:160.89
132kV HASTINAPUR33KV HASTINAPUR16 Feb 1907:33:150.86
132kV BAGRODA33KV AKVN -I16 Feb 1907:35:16-0.03
132kV BAGRODA33KV AKVN -II16 Feb 1907:35:170.4
132kV BAGRODA33KV UMRAOGANJ16 Feb 1907:35:190.89
132KV BHANDER33KV SARSAI16 Feb 1907:29:16-0.02
220kV MUNGALIYA CHHAP33KV KHAJURI16 Feb 1907:32:150.81
220kV MUNGALIYA CHHAP33KV TEELAKHEDI16 Feb 1907:32:120.79
132KV LATERI33KV ALIGARH KOTRA16 Feb 1907:29:130.87
132KV LATERI33KV ANANDPUR16 Feb 1907:29:140.84
132KV LATERI33KV LATERI16 Feb 1907:29:120.75
132KV ISAGARH33KV DHAKONI16 Feb 1907:33:130.84
132KV ISAGARH33KV NAI SARAI16 Feb 1907:33:120.86
132KV ISAGARH33KV PARSOL16 Feb 1907:33:140.86
132KV KOTHIYA33KV HINOTIYA16 Feb 1907:32:170.75
132KV KOTHIYA33KV SEJI16 Feb 1907:32:150.89
132KV TAMOT33KV AKVN-I16 Feb 1907:30:140.4
132KV TAMOT33KV AKVN-II16 Feb 1907:30:150.15
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-IV16 Feb 1904:53:220.03
220KV MORENA233KV JADERUA16 Feb 1904:53:240.87
132kV MADA33KV KHATORA16 Feb 1907:34:130.88
132kV BAIRAD33KV GAZIGARH16 Feb 1907:35:160.85
132kV BAIRAD33KV GOVARDHAN16 Feb 1907:35:180.85
132kV INDERGARH33KV THARET16 Feb 1907:28:13-0.03
132KV ENTKHEDI33KV AKVN16 Feb 1907:32:16-0.01
132KV ENTKHEDI33KV RATUA16 Feb 1907:32:14-0.94
132KV KAPASI33KV KALORA16 Feb 1907:30:160.74
132KV KAPASI33KV KAPASI16 Feb 1907:30:180.72
132KV SALAMATPUR33KV AMKHEDA16 Feb 1907:29:140.89
132KV SALAMATPUR33KV DEEWANGANJ16 Feb 1907:29:130.89
132KV BILKISGANJ33KV KULAS16 Feb 1907:30:160.89
132KV BILKISGANJ33KV RATIBAD16 Feb 1907:30:150.85
132KV KHUJNER33KV KALIYA KHEDI16 Feb 1907:29:170.88
132KV BISNOOR33KV GENHU BARSA16 Feb 1907:32:130.87
Table not Prepared, Forcasted Data is of Back Date (15 Feb 2019) FORCASTED Load OF 8 Hrs
Data Not receiving from 28No. (3%) 33KV Feeders
S/S NameFeeder NameSDateSTime
132KV Gairatganj33KV BEGUMGANJ15 Feb 201921:28
132KV Gairatganj33KV DEHGAON15 Feb 201921:28
132KV Gairatganj33KV GAIRATGANJ15 Feb 201921:28
132KV Gairatganj33KV SILWANI15 Feb 201921:28
132kV GAIRATGANJ33KV SPARE BAY I15 Feb 201921:28
132kV GAIRATGANJ33KV SPARE BAY II15 Feb 201921:28
132KV Piparia33/11KV XMER-II12 Feb 201916:19
132KV Piparia33KV KANWAR12 Feb 201916:19
132KV Piparia33KV PACHMARHI12 Feb 201916:16
132kV ROUN33KV MANGARH14 Feb 201901:07
132KV SHIVPURI33/11KV X-MER-I13 Feb 201917:23
132KV SHIVPURI33KV B/C13 Feb 201917:18
132KV SHIVPURI33KV BHAGORA13 Feb 201917:23
132KV SHIVPURI33KV FATEHPUR12 Feb 201913:12
132KV SHIVPURI33KV PADORA11 Feb 201912:39
132KV SHIVPURI33KV PARIKSHA11 Feb 201912:39
132KV SHIVPURI33KV RATOR11 Feb 201910:36
220KV MORENA233KV BUS COUPLER16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-I16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-II16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-III16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-IV16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV FEEDER-V16 Feb 201904:53
220KV MORENA233KV JADERUA16 Feb 201904:53
Today's Forcasting Status of 11KV Feeder (Data Entered between 14 Feb 11:00 and 15 Feb 07:00)
11KV Feeder3833325422603581382883421373742801731264282202554636
Data Updated                0
Not Updated                4636
% of Updation                0
7 Feeder Currently OFF Since Date/Time as Below
132KV SHIVPURI33KV RATOR11 Feb 1910:25:194.6425
132KV AYODHYA NGR33KV BMC/BUS COUPLER16 Feb 1905:39:130.016
220KV MEHGAON33KV GATA16 Feb 1901:01:144.0953
132KV SHIVPURI33KV PARIKSHA11 Feb 1910:26:132.145
132KV DATIA33KV BHANDER16 Feb 1904:40:140.002
220KV BAIRAGARH33KV CHANDUKHEDI16 Feb 1907:29:160.036
132KV ENTKHEDI33KV AKVN16 Feb 1907:06:160.0002
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Above Data is of 113 No. EHV Sub Station having 949 No. 33KV Feeders (Including B/C) presently conncted to SCADA